Leesa Sharpe, who linked with Maxine Strong and Jo Bale to form the Lex’s Legacy Pride of the Isle Awards almost five years ago, will feature on ITV television this week, demonstrating the work of the charity.

“I want to thank everyone who has who has nominated me in the fundraiser of the year category.

“I am really excited for Pride of the Isle, the exposure on Calendar News will be fantastic for the charity.

“Pride of the Isle is still doing wonderfully – our awards night is being organised as we speak and will take place on February 3rd.

“And before Christmas we will be visiting local hospitals dressed up as Peppa and Mickey Mouse and giving presents to the children.

“I want to wish all four finalists good luck – in reality we are all winners.

To date, the charity has raised £213,000. The charity works to create special memories for terminally ill children as well as raising money for special equipment for the disabled and helping the community.

A glimpse into the work of Pride of the Isle will be shown in a special feature on Calendar News on Thursday (October 19) at 6pm.