At the beginning of last week Aalish had a wish granted from Pride of the Isle and where better to go again but her beloved Blackpool. ❤???? We arrived at Tiffanys Hotel on Monday afternoon and the magic began the moment we walked through those beautiful pink doors. Our room was like a Princess Palace. Decorated with pink balloons, chocolates and rock and the bed lit up with flashing fairy lights. That evening we went down for our eveving meal and who should appear but Rapunzel and her Prince. They sang too Aalish, the songs from ‘Tangled’ and Rapunzel and Aalish told the story of the ‘Lost Princess’. This truly was amazing to witness and happy tears took over. On Tuesday Morning it was Pleasure Beach time and I told Aalish we were being picked up by taxi to be taken down!! Well…not quite true?? we headed out just before 11am to be greeted by a archway of pink balloons and a red carpet. Three gorgeous girls dressed as Queens and Princesses were waiting for us who then presented Aalish with 2 Disney bags full of goodies. ?? she really was overwhelmed by all this but her smile shone through like never before. Then her ‘taxi’ arrived. The taxi being a beautiful Horse and Carriage. Decorated in blue and pink we boarded and away we went..waved off by the girls, the Manager and some of the residents from Tiffanys.? At the Pleasure ingBeach it was VIP all day and the hours of fun I had with Aals was magical. After tea Tuesday evening we watched the entertainment. Yet again Aalish was made to feel special with more gifts. Wednesday was home after Aalish spending some time with her amazing cousins we headed off. These fews days in Blackpool were memories that will never be forgotten and for Aalish dreams that she never thought she would ever experience.Thankyou again will never be enough.
Thursday was hospital time and Aalish was down for her Bone Marrow. More holes in her back so soon after her last ?? we were in and out by 12.
Unfortunately during the early hours of Friday morning Aalish got a high temp…so at 2am we headed back to SCH. They took bloods and did other tests to see what could be the cause. With her lines being used on Thursday they have to rule out a line infection. At teatime yesterday her consultant said we could go home and if required I could give her Calpol for the temps. If anything appears from her bloods they will call and let me know. So all in all a very special and very interesting week has been had but as usual Aalish continues to keep smiling and keep fighting. ???? #TeamAalish#

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