Vashti Emma Clayson

Vashti Emma Clayson was the Winner of Pride of the Isle’s 2016 Most Inspirational Person Award.

Vashti Emma deserves the award as she inspired people of all ages to live their lives to the fullest. She changed the atmosphere of the room whenever she walked in. Her nickname to most was ‘my sunshine’ she was brave, courageous, bright, funny, talented, weird & wonderful. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she campaigned “breast buddies” with her close friend to raise awareness. She set up a facebook page “heal with a smile” which brought together friends of her page from across Lincolnshire together. She wrote a blog of her journey too.

Vashti lost her mother and step mother to cancer at a very young age, and through all her heartache she still had such a positive, inspirational approach on life & dealing with whatever you are faced with. Vashti was a beautiful person inside and out, she had many talents, performing arts, singing, drawing. However creative, it came easy to her.

She had a loving caring nature. She was a great friend to me, no matter how bad of a day you were having you only had to receive a message from her and she had changed your mood. She taught me so much over the years but this last year she gave me courage. She made me believe in myself. Vashti Emma is an everlasting legacy of positivity .