Ebony Smith

A cheeky 7 year old who lived life to the full..

There are not many 7 year olds who loved to go shopping… her mum taught her well. ?

She loved Peppa pig, dressing up as a princess.. making a impact on everyone she met.. but most of all she loved her family.. that was so plain to see.. she always looked up at her big sister Chantel with pride.

Sadly Ebony passed away on the 8th November 2016 at the short age of 7 years old , after a 3 year battle with neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer

How Pride of the Isle has worked to help create happy memories:

  • Pride of the Isle sent Ebony and her family to Alton towers for the weekend

  • Ebonys wish to be a princess for a weekend was granted by the best dress in the world made by Thelma Louise from  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Tv show

  • Annie fanny and a carriage ride

  • Minnie & Mickey went to visit Ebs for her 7th birthday

  • Pride of the Isle donated a beautiful chair and bench for Brigg Primary courtyard in memory of Ebony for her friends a beautiful place to go and remember the memories they shared with her.

At the January 2017 awards night Ebony was recognized by the Pride of the Isle with the award of Most Inspirational Child.