Having the support of the community will mean we can raise awareness of what we do and how we help the local community as well as helping to raise additional funds.

Anyone can apply to Pride of the Isle so the bigger we grow the more people we can help. We rely on hundreds of generous people within the region allowing our charity to continue with the work to help people in many walks of life through troubling times. We are extremely grateful if a community group, individual or school chooses to raise money for us.

Pride of the Isle Committee chose 8 objects in which we wish to support through our charity.

These are Carers, Community Centre, Young People, Elderly People, Relief of Sickness, Animal Charities, Village Halls and Recreation.

We have already managed to make a difference to so many people especially children within our region and with the support of you we can hopefully extend our reach to help more children and families by raising the awareness of what we do.


For further information on how we can help you or a loved one please contact us.