Supporting Harry to Have a Better Quality of Life

Raised: £3,055.00
Goal: £5,000.00

Harry is a 16 month old bubbly boy, his smile and his beautiful personality hide the gruelling days he has been through and what he faces. Harry was delivered by low segment caesarean section due to breech position and was resuscitated at birth. The delivery was difficult due to foetal positioning and as a result Harry’s legs were severely bruised. At 5 days old Harry suffered his first seizure which he continues to suffer from. He had an MRI at 4 months old.

It revealed hydrocephalus and delayed myelination, he is on medication to control his seizures. Harry has been struggling to meet his milestones his left side is weaker than his right which has made his balance difficult, he didn’t sit unaided until 9months or crawl until 13 months so regular physio is needed. Harry also has difficulty in swallowing and digesting food he is now on prescribed milk and is still bottle fed, Harry has little routine due to the volatility of the seizures and the recovery time. Harry continues to shine with the help of his big brother who has adapted incredibly well to having a little brother with high dependency needs.

Harry now awaits further tests. A typical week for Harry is 13 appointments over a 5 day period We are a regular family with two amazing boys trying to support our kids with no extra financial support for Harrys needs, all of the equipment has been recommended by his leading professionals but yet it’s not funded, we want to give Harry the best chance we can.

Harry is in need of a pulse guard monitor so we know if he is having a seizure in his sleep, also a car seat has to have an extension for head support, a pushchair that has additional accessories for support , anti suffocation pillows all this is a massive cost that we are unable to provide on our own.

You can donate to Harry’s cause either through our website, using Paypal or Via Just Giving