Jo’s Jelly Beans.

Raised: £2,115.00
Goal: £60,000.00

Joanne Slaven became ill 5 years ago, aged 40 She has never been given a diagnosis but Drs have suggested that they believe this may be a neurological condition.Jo currently requires help with all of care and since 2015 she has been permanently in a wheelchair with very limited use of her legs.These on-going health problems have affected Jo’s body including her respiratory cardiovasculal and neurological system..Jo has been in contact with a Dr’s in Germany who are willing to carry out initial tests and try and give her a diagnosis and treat. If this is unsuccessful Jo’s option would then be to seek help from a specialist clinic in America.Dr’s in the  have informed Jo that there may never be a diagnosis and this she has had to come to terms with. Jo’s  has failed in areas over the last five years, resulting in intensive care,intubated all with no known reason. Jo’s deterioration of her health continues, with parts of her body no longer functioning, the most recent being her urinary system. Dr’s have told Jo that she will have no control over her bladder again without the use of permanent catheterisation.Dr’s concerns are that Jo’s unknown condition appears to be progressing from her feet up, therefore leaving Jo and her family considering which part of her body will fail next, leaving them with an uncertain future. Jo often goes to sleep at night wondering if she will wake up to see her family the next day.

Jo herself had considered the idea that the problem may be Lyme disease as the illness onset followed an insect bite she got on holiday. We are hoping to raise £60,000 for Jo to have these tests and commence on some form of treatment.

Jo has spent the last 5 years being passed from pillar to post having no idea what is wrong with her and no treatment.Having spent time in intensive care when her bodily organs began to shut down and her family being prepared for the worst before now, Jo urgently needs help.