Giving to charity is a good cause, considering that it is a way of helping others who are in need. But you can’t do this alone. Consider encouraging other people to give through the following steps.

Scream Out Loud on Social Media

With the world continually going digital, many, if not all, people have social media accounts where they air out their views, socialise, do business, and raise awareness. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even a WhatsApp group can all help you reach out to thousands of people who would love to give to charity. The nice thing about using social media is that they are easy and free to use. With that said, you can use social media platforms to share one of your quirky posts to raise awareness about a cause that is deeply close to your heart. Simply start by raising awareness, and humbly ask other people, whether they are your friends or not, to give to your cause. Be sure to include a link to the charity home’s website where people can click and be directed to their website. You may also add pictures and videos of the charitable cause you are raising money for.

Encourage Your Employers

The truth is that your bosses can give to charity if you ask them to. Brave up and face them, but, of course, take care not to disrespect them. It’s worth noting that no one should be coerced into giving, whether they are able or not. But the outcome will likely surprise you. Some employers will provide you with lots of money, whereas others will give you products to give to charity. If possible, let them organise for a day to educate other employees on the importance of giving to a cause. Let it not stop with employers, approach other employees as well, and raise awareness about the charity or organisation you are raising money for. In essence, they can contribute basically anything, including but not limited to clothes, shoes, cellphones, TVs, and bedding. If your employers allow you, sit down and agree on the best day to visit a charity home. This will give you a clear picture of what these homes need.

Hold a Dress-Down Day

The high chances are that you love dress-down days where official attire rules are relaxed to allow people to wear something different from the normal uniforms or attire. You can do this at your workplace, especially after talking with your bosses. They impose and relax the rules, so they are better placed to know when to allow you to hold the dress down day. Come up with something fun and creative, and let your colleagues know that you’re holding a dress down day to raise money for charity. You may even use this opportunity to inform your customers about the same. You may be surprised that the customers can even raise more money than workers. Dress-down days are not only confined to workplaces. You can also hold a fancy dress day at your school or college. Create posters and use the official school magazine and online platforms to reach out to other students. Educate them about the importance of giving to charity and promise something fun and involving. Eating competitions and playing certain games may attract many people and encourage them to give.