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Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission Statement: 

Pride of the Isle are a non salary charity who dedicate their time to improving the quality of others lives and creating memories for those with life limiting illnesses.  

From equipment to aid a persons day to day life, to turning families dreams and wishes into a reality we are there to support those in need. 

Pride of the Isle support people’s fundraising efforts along side our own and endeavour to make what seems unachievable become achievable.  

Our fundraising and that of supporters and sponsors is relied upon to improve the quality of life and create memories for those that we support. That along side the passion that runs within the whole team of POI is what makes our charity a success and makes the work we do possible. 

Why We Do What We Do: 

Pride of the isle was formed back in 2013. 

Community spirit brought them together when a young local boy was battling and sadly lost his fight to cancer at the mere age of 7. 

Two of the trustees Leesa & Jo were individually fundraising before they grouped together to spread their passion to support others near and far with the help of the third trustee Lynne.  

“Being able to help and support those in need is so self rewarding, giving our time, compassion and efforts to better someone’s life or create magical memories for those who sadly don’t have much time with their family is what inspires us to continue” 

Where will we stop? 

We won’t! If you’re in need of fundraising support, help with purchases or wanting to fulfil a time restricted wish then Pride Of The Isle are here to help. Our committed trustees, committee and volunteers are all dedicated to the charity and those which we help.  

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We are a no salary charity

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